Help Reduce Your Fuel Usage: EcoDriving Tips From Ford

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Since the gas companies aren’t doing much to help with the cost of fuel these days, the automakers are stepping in to help their consumers make the most of their vehicles. Ford‘s “EcoDriving” (ECOnomical and ECOlogical) Tips are simple, and might help you make the most of a full tank. 1. Slowing down and maintaining steady speeds will improve fuel economy by 10-15% 2. Relaxed driving, avoiding fast starts, and accelerating gradually saves on fuel consumption, and slows the wear of your engine’s parts 3. Stop idling, because today’s vehicles don’t need to be warmed up – even in cold weather. 4. Keeping your tires properly inflated will help fuel usage by 3-4%  5. Keep your engine tuned up and wheels aligned 6. Traveling lighter may increase your fuel usage by up to 5% 7. Heating and air conditioning can have a 10-15% impact on your fuel usage. 8. Driving with your windows open at high speeds creates aerodynamic drag, so keep them closed on the highway 9. Use the right oil for your vehicle, and 10. Make the most of your trips – do all of your errands at once. For more tips from Ford, check out their EcoDriving page here, and hopefully all of these tips help you save some gas on your road trips this summer!

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