Plane-Car Hybrid On It’s Way To Change Our World?

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Flying Car

It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves since we first saw The Jetsons: when can I drive a flying car? According to the BBC, the answer may be sooner than you think! A new research team at Boeing is looking into an electric car-plane hybrid that will be able to travel 300 miles at a time, and will be so simple to fly that “most people will probably be reading a newspaper [more like a Kindle – ed] than flying the vehicles”. By the end of the year, however, the Taurus Electra, the world’s first two-seater electric plane/glider, will be on the market. The Electra is expected to be able to climb to 6,000 ft and travel up to 1,000 miles a day. Think of all of the benefits that a flying car has over a real car – no more traffic jams, rooftop parking spaces — but noticeably absent from the article is the mention of safety features. Airbags? Parachutes? We may be further from driving a flying car than the BBC would like us to think.

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