Best Fuel Efficiency in the World: 285 MPG, by VW

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Imagine the amount of money you could save by using only 1 litre of fuel for every 100km that you drive. It is something that designers at Volkswagen pondered, and then put themselves to the test over. To bring their concept to life, they crafted a super lightweight, aerodynamic model that ran on a brand new, maximized efficiency diesel engine. Although the cost of mass producing a vehicle like this (made mostly from magnesium and titanium) will not make it very consumer-friendly, the (re)design initiatives taken by VW have proven that increasing fuel efficiency is a viable alternative to bio fuels. If automakers take note from what VW engineers did here, and begin to shape some of the bulkier vehicles into bullets, we may see a new age of fuel effiency, and reduced consumption of fossil fuels because of it.

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