Pulstar Pulse Plug Increases Fuel Economy in Every Vehicle

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The Pulstar Pulse (not spark) Plug,  was tested recently on a Toyota Prius, a vehicle that is known to be an industry leader in fuel economy, and relatively good performance. With the Pulse Plug in place of a standard Spark Plug, the Prius performed with 6-8% better fuel economy, or improved by roughly 3 miles per gallon.  The Pulse Plug also increased acceleration by 5%. By these tests, Pulstar estimates that over 4 years, the Pulse Plug will reduce CO2 emissions by half a ton!Keep reading for the full test results, and where you can buy your own Pulse Plug, for whatever vehicle you drive.

Toyoto Prius Test Results comparing a Denso SK16R11 to the Pulstar BE1.

Check out Pulstar’s Online Store to buy your own Pulstar plug, starting at $24.95. By removing half a ton of CO2 emissions over the next four years, a small change of a spark plug can make a big difference.

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