Electric Motion Systems Releases E+ Electric Bicycle


If you’re looking for “the ultimate riding experience”, look no further than the new E+ Cruiser, designed by Electric Motion Systems. This bike uses new electric propulsion technologies that can assist the rider in pedaling, or can operate entirely on its own if you prefer. The bicycle is fitted with a battery pack that can store power for when your legs get tired. With 19 different cycling modes, cruise control, and regenerative braking, the E+ Cruiser might be the answer to your transportation woes. Keep reading for the technical specs of the bike, and to find out where you can get one yourself.

From the Newswire:

The bicycle is powered by a proprietary EMS-designed 1000 watt (750watt standard) brushless permanent magnet motor with a state-of-the-artTexas Instruments 32-bit 280x Digital Signal Processor and direct torque control. This allows riders to simply push a throttle when they want electric power. The system safely delivers it — from a little to a great rush of power and acceleration. The battery pack, also proprietary and designed by EMS, provides 20+ miles range with advanced battery management controls and safe NiMH technology. No rider intervention is required to manage these components — just push the throttle or hit the break. The system does the rest. 

If this bike appeals to you, check out EMS site. Prices start at $3,495.00.