The “Greenest Fleet” expands its environmental horizon

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Today, Enterprise Rent-A-Car officially launched four “green branches” of their offices in Atlanta, Georgia. This is an effort to increase the number of hybrids and fuel-efficient cars that they rent out to drivers, and complements their already widely popular environmental campaign. Recently, Enterprise also announced that they want to give back to the Earth – by planting 50 million trees in 50 years (that’s 1 million per year, for those of your keeping track at home). The new “green branches” will reportedly contain a majority of hybrid and fuel efficient cars, not only because they want to help the environment, but because so many drivers now prefer to pay a premium for an eco-friendly ride.

The efforts being taken by Enterprise currently far outperform its main competitor, Hertz, and the new technologies such as FlexFuel being adopted by Enterprise, and its partners National and Alamo, the company is making a significant difference in renting a cleaner-driven car.

Enterprise has also been working in conjunction with research facilities, and donating money towards the development of biofuels and other renewable resources, while their 50 million tree pledge is already underway in National Forests in the United States, and will soon branch out to Canada and Europe as well.

Learn more about all of Enterprise’s plans to make their company even greener at Keys To Green.


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