Zero X Keeps You Clean In The Dirt

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Zero X Motorcycle

New on the market is this full powered off road motorcycle that claims to provide one-tenth the pollution of a standard gas powered dirt-bike. On the power side, the bike is rechargeable-battery powered and plugs into any standard 110 or 220 volt outlet, while the design is crafted from less steel and copper than a standard DC motor. For the cleanest, fastest, and lightest off road motorcycle with the best power-to-size ration in the industry, look no further than Zero Motorcycles.In addition to the bike’s cleaner engine and construction, the outlet-to-battery power pack uses a revolutionary lithium-ion technology with no toxic metals, are completely recyclable, and have been rated for land-fill disposal in the United States, Canada, and Europe.The best part of this bike is hands-down the silence it provides for the user and surrounding areas. Take a nature ride without disturbing the habitat and never worry about bothering the neighbours. Starting at $7450, this is the best way to keep the world clean while getting a bit dirty.

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