Cleaner Driving: Compressed Air Vehicle

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Air Car

The self-proclaimed “World’s Cleanest Car” is just that – a vehicle that is entirely pollution free. At low speeds, the car outputs cleaner air than it takes in, and at high speeds uses bio-fuels to heat air inside a chamber that can take the car over 90 mph. Zero Pollution Motors says this can be yours for the low price of $17,800 and proves “that buying ‘green’ doesn’t have to cost more”.The vehicle can achieve 100 gas equivalent miles per gallon and uses a Compressed Air Engine created by Motor Development International located in France. Unlike other cars in its class, Zero Pollution Motors plans to release a six-seater family size compressed air vehicle that will make fueling up on those long family road trips less of a concern to your credit card -ZPM says you can fill up an air tank for as little as $2.ZPM featured on The Today Show:More pictures and prototypes at

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