Chevy’s Spark EV goes 0-60 mph in under 8 seconds

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Chevrolet Spark EV

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The 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV will be coming to showrooms next summer and will set the bar high for urban electric vehicles with its industry-leading EV power, outstanding driving range, and exceptional fast-charge capability.

And that’s not all! The Chevrolet Spark EV offers 0-60 mph acceleration in less than eight seconds courtesy of its oil-cooled, permanent magnet motor that produces at least 100 kW (130 hp) and instantaneous torque of about 400 lb.-ft. with the coaxial drive unit. What’s more, its “SAE combo charger will allow DC Fast Charging of up to 80 percent of battery capacity in approximately 20 minutes.”

Spark EV Chief Engineer Chuck Russell stated in a press release:

“When our team set out to develop the propulsion system for Spark EV, we knew we had to provide surprising fun-to-drive acceleration with maximum efficiency. What we think customers will enjoy most is how fun Spark EV is to drive; it’s seamless and power is available at every stage of the drive. This will help us to provide an exciting option for those customers who are looking for an EV that’s as much fun to drive as it is environmentally responsible.”

The car makers also reveal that the “more than 20 kWh lithium-ion battery pack” is capable of handling multiple DC Fast Charges daily, the vehicle can be charged in less than seven hours with a dedicated 240V charge, and that charging can be controlled remotely using the Spark EV’s smart phone application.

“Spark EV’s battery has undergone more than 200,000 hours of testing in our global battery systems labs,” said Larry Nitz, executive director of GM’s global electrification engineering team. “This testing paved the way to allow our customers to do multiple DC Fast Charges daily to help alleviate range anxiety and improve convenience.”

The new Chevy truly sounds like it will be setting the bar high for electric vehicles, but only proper green car reviews can reveal whether it lives up to expectations.


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