If you’re a NASCAR fan, then you know the racing association certainly has its share of ‘Green’ sponsors. Well today, the racing association announced that it’s added a new partner to that list: Green Earth Technologies – also known as GET.

The Florida-based company makes pressure washers and environmentally-safe cleaning products.

Since 2008, NASCAR Green and its stakeholders have helped fans discover the advancements that have been made to reduce the sport’s impact on the environment.

The association says that NASCAR fans are more than 20 times more likely than non-fans to associate NASCAR as being environmentally responsible and are twice as likely as non-fans to describe their own households as very green (source: Toluna, custom environment-related study, 2012).

“NASCAR is synonymous with high performance and partnering with them will allow us to reach millions of consumers who desire to keep their homes clean and green without giving up product performance or value,” said Jeffrey Loch, President and CMO of Green Earth Technologies. “We are proud to deliver American-made environment-safe outdoor cleaning solutions and we look forward to having a growing presence in the sport.”

In 2012, GET established a partnership with the U.S. Environment Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment program (DfE). The program certified its products as safer for human health and the environment. Earlier this year, NASCAR entered into a broad, voluntary collaboration with the EPA to raise awareness about the benefits of green products and solutions that have earned the DfE label.

“Our NASCAR Green platform has been dedicated to integrating environmentally sound practices within the sport because it is the right thing to do for our fans, our business and our planet,” said Jim O’Connell, NASCAR chief sales officer. “Through its cutting-edge development of environment-safe consumer goods, Green Earth Technologies has positioned itself as an innovator in the green marketplace. We will work together to create additional ways to reduce our sports’ impact on the environment.”

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Over the years, NASCAR’s transformative efforts in Green have established the league as the leader in sustainability across all of sports.


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