Domino’s joins EPA SmartWay eco transport program

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Domino’s Pizza is looking to deliver your pizzas in a way that makes more environmental sense.

Today, the pizza chain announced that it will join the SmartWay Transport Partnership. The initiative is a collaboration between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and industry groups. It allows members to assess the environmental and energy efficiency of goods delivery within its supply chains.

The Partnership says its currently saving its members a collective 1.5 billion gallons of fuel. That’s about $3.6 billion in fuel costs, 14.7 MMT of carbon dioxide (CO2), 215,000 tons of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and 8,000 tons of particulate matter.

Carbon dioxide is the most common greenhouse gas. Meanwhile, nitrogen oxide is an air pollutant that contributes to smog. But by joining SmartWay, Domino’s says it’s showing off its strong environmental leadership and corporate responsibility.

“We are proud to participate with the EPA in support of working toward more environmentally efficient freight shipments,” said Mary Long, Domino’s Vice President of Logistics and Network Planning. “It provides a great forum to share best practices and see what other SmartWay partners are doing to reduce fuel consumption.”

SmartWay Transport Partnership was developed in early 2003 by EPA and Charter Partners. Charter Partners is represented by industry stakeholders, environmental groups, American Trucking Associations and Business for Social Responsibility. Partners rely on SmartWay tools to track and reduce emissions in their goods movements.

The Partnership currently has more than 3,000 partners.

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