Wind-powered “Skypump” a new source of energy for EVs

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You may think that all electric cars (EVs) are all equally ‘clean’. But some manufacturers say the cleanliness of your EV is directly linked to your source of electricity.

Apparently, if you’re drawing current from a coal-fired power plant – then that isn’t very clean…

But a new wind turbine design has been created to deliver clean energy to electric vehicles. The concept comes from GE and Urban Green Energy. It has been cleverly called the “Skypump” and uses a compact design with urban areas in mind.

The Skypump uses the winds’ power to charge electric cars. Industry experts say this concept isn’t a new idea, but GE’s implementation is a unique venture. The compact design does away with huge propellers in favour vertical wind blades that require a minimum of just 11 km/hour winds to operate. The Skypump is hooked into one of GE’s DuraStation Level 2 EV chargers.

The design is 12 metres high — meaning the Skypump could fit where traditional wind turbines are just too big. Each blade on some wind turbines can be as big as 49 metres long. This means the Skypump could easily be used in mall parking lots or in parks.

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