The 5 Best Green Vehicles on the Market Today, and Why You Should Invest in One

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Confess. You are not really the “green car” type. You want a classy car that turns people’s heads and is good for the work image. You’d like the fuel efficiency but it must be something you can drive someone to a dinner date in comfort. Well relax, because 2013 is your green car year.

What’s driving the green car frenzy is no longer just environmental impact. With gas prices skyrocketing, and car insurance hinging on pollution-efficient cars, the push is on for a wide array of green vehicles. These cars have few if any emissions, are even more fuel-efficient, and feature huge mileage breakthroughs. This year brings the greatest selection ever.

For luxury, consider the sleek Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. It gets over 45 mpg, is compared to the Lexus 300ES but is sharper to drive. Every bit a high end car, it retails for about $36000. The Toyota Avalon is another good choice in this area, as a solidly classy car that retails for around the same price and gets about 40 mpg fuel equivalency.

If sports car flash is your game, the Tesla Model S has your name all over it. This car is super-fast, exotic and expensive. Retailing around $62,000, it was voted Motor Trend’s Car of the Year and gets 89 mpg equivalent. Buyers will receive a $7500 tax credit with their purchase.

Measuring by fuel equivalency only, the Honda Fit EV wins hands down, at 118 mpg electric equivalency. The Nissan Leaf gets a hot 108 mpg equivalency as an all electric model as well. It is followed by the Ford Focus at 105 mpg electric equivalency, and the Chevrolet Volt, at 98 mpg equivalency. These retail between $30 and 40 thousand. Though these cars are more in the traditional green car electric trend, they are nothing to sneeze at.

The Ford C-Max Energi, which has 100 mpg equivalency electric and 43 mpg in gas mode, and the Prius Hybrid at 95 mpg equivalent (electric) and 50mpg (gas) should be weighed in here. These retail in the $30-35,000 range. The VW Jetta rounds out this group, retailing for much less ($25,000) and with 45mpg it holds its own.

So, in terms of style, price range, electric vs. hybrid, and luxury, sport or efficiency, there is something for everyone in this year’s green car variables. Consult Motor Trend, or Wall Street 24/7 or Consumer Reports and they will all steer you the same way—towards your own green automobile.

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