Considering Tesla Motors’ Business Value in the EV Market

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It seems that nearly every day Tesla Motors does, or doesn’t do, something to consume gallons of ink or excite gazillions of pixels. If Elon Musk isn’t going head-to-head with one or more state legislators, his tendency toward egalitarian showmanship is, as he recently illustrated by the announcement to soft pedal any interest in defending Tesla’s patents.

However, while all of these high-visibility events stir the global investment pot aggressively, thereby leading respected auto analysts to conclude that Tesla actually is the center of the auto universe, if you take a minute and actually look at what is going on with the company itself, in terms of what kind of products are likely to come out of some future Tesla facility, things just don’t look – ‘right.’ As a matter of fact, in the cold light of day, it even may appear that Tesla is more likely to bust, rather than boom soon enough.

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