Mercedes-Benz and Nokia team up for self-driving car safety

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mercedes self-driving car

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A week or so ago, I did a piece regarding the headlong attempt to rollout a ‘new’ auto-drive product built by a small group of tech wonks in San Francisco. In my view, the product was not ready for a host of reasons, but mostly based on the potential of unplanned public safety concerns, since the new product would have to be operated as part of a mix of traditional vehicles on highways, in addition to its unrefined characteristics operating within one or more highly-urban environments.

Now, while I am not attempting to beat a dead horse, it appears that I’m not the only person who is looking at the larger downside impacts of a too-early emergence of auto-drive, while at the same time considering resolutions to the problem. In this case, I specifically refer to urban areas, where mixes of pedestrians, hordes of traditionally driven cars and the emergence of auto-drive vehicles could come together to create a perfect roadside storm unless planned for properly.

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