EVS26 Encouraging Hands-on EV Experiences and Open Dialogue

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EV enthusiasts around the world are descending upon Los Angeles next week for the Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS26). This symposium sponsored by the World Electric Vehicle Association is billed as the world’s largest EV event and runs from May 6-9 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Attendees at EVS26 will view displays from automakers, parts manufacturers and research groups working on plug-in vehicles. The biggest attraction should be the Ride, Drive & Charge exhibit where consumers can test drive the next generation of electric vehicles.

The Ride, Drive & Charge course starts from the Staples Center and loops around major landmarks in downtown Los Angeles. Test drivers view attractions like the Nokia Theatre as they experience the joys of eco-friendly transportation. Automakers including Mitsubishi, Honda, Smith Electric Vehicles and General Motors are providing plug-in models for the exhibit. The World Electric Vehicle Association also solicited help from Siemens and AeroVironment to install charging stations along the route. The course puts green vehicles through the paces with frequent stops, turns and heavy traffic.

EVS26 Los Angeles Convention CenterAttendees need not hit the road in order to view the latest advancements of plug-in technology. EVS26 has attracted hundreds of presenters ranging from labs conducting research into battery technology to automakers putting EVs on the road. Evatran has announced that their Plugless Power technology will be presented during EVS26. This wireless charging technology has already wowed major corporations like Hertz, Sears and Google. The symposium also has a British feel with more than 30 firms from the United Kingdom attending the event including Delta Motorsport and GKN Driveline.

Visitors to EVS26 can also learn about all phases of plug-in vehicle development during three days of lectures. The opening plenary at EVS26, “Electrified Transportation: A Path to Economic Prosperity and Energy Security,” sells attendees on the pragmatic approach to green vehicle adoption. Each day features lectures on topics ranging from battery development to effective marketing techniques for early adoption. The concluding presentation called the GoElectricDrive Plenary entitled “Global Campaign for Consumer EV Adoption” sends attendees out into the world with hopes that plug-in vehicles can be sold to the average driver.

EVS26 GalaThe World Electric Vehicle Association is hosting a gala during the second night of EVS26 to encourage mingling among experts and visitors. This event at the California Science Center includes a cocktail hour, live music and opportunities for attendees to meet intellectuals, legislators and executives familiar with EV technology. The EVS26 goes beyond the conventional sales pitches and glitzy presentations of auto shows by connecting consumers with industrial leaders.

The concluding presentation on increasing EV adoption around the world is a self-reflective exercise as EVS26 offers the solution to the issue of poor EV sales. Legislators, academics and automakers must engage in a full-court press to educate the public about what needs to be done to achieve fuller plug-in vehicle adoption. These educational efforts should not just show sleek EVs but highlight the driving experience with demonstration projects akin to the Ride, Drive & Charge exhibit.

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