Nissan Leaf Charging

In an effort to encourage more drivers to adopt electric cars, Nissan and Adopt a Charger have partnered to provide 15 free electric car charging stations in California. As the Nissan Leaf is now the most popular electric car in America, it makes perfect sense for Nissan to invest in infrastructure and charging stations, as it means more people will buy their electric cars.

Nissan Adopt A Charger Electric Car Charging Stations

The 15 free charging stations have been set up at a couple key locations in California:

Adopt A Charger, a non-profit organization that works with organizations and individuals to use funding to purchase electric car charging stations, selected the locations based on research that suggested they were high traffic areas for electric car drivers. According to the executive director of Adopt a Charger,

“We found that LACMA and Golden Gate Park have several characteristics that make them the perfect venues. We truly believe that Los Angeles and San Francisco residents will greatly benefit from this new public service.”

Watch the video below for additional details on Nissan and Adopt a Charger’s latest electric car initiative:

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