Famous Celebrities Who Own Electric Cars

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George Clooney with his Tango Electric Car

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As the electric car revolution moves along, those with the available cash are able to purchase these futuristic means of transportation. Since many electric cars are still quite expensive compared to the common internal combustion engine, only the few and the loaded are able to have one – at least for now.

Here are some of the who’s who in electric car ownership.


George Clooney

George Clooney with his Tango Electric Car

George Clooney is one of the very first celebrities who was an early adopter of electric cars. He currently owns a Tango T600, a little weird looking, but one of the most expensive electric cars in the world today. The Tango is just thirty-nine inches wide and has a top speed of 120 mph, with the ability to travel from zero to sixty in just four seconds.


Kristin Scott-Thomas

Kristin Scott Thomas G-Whiz Electric Car

Kristin Scott-Thomas owns a Reva Gee Whiz, which she uses as she navigates around the narrow streets of London. While she is seen as the paragon of English living, she also has a home in France and is fluent in the French language.


Jay Leno

Jay Leno driving a Baker Electric

Jay Leno has a vast and well-known car collection. Among the electric cars he owns is the vintage Baker Electric (pictured above), the ultra-modern Tesla Roadster, the alternative fuel BMW 7 Hydrogen, and others, including a steam car. The Baker Electric is his wife’s favorite car. He quipped,

“Unlike other early cars, the Baker Electric needed no cranking, had no gasoline smell and was essentially maintenance-free. Not surprisingly, it was marketed to women. The interior of my Baker is rather froufrou, complete with a little make-up kit.”


Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tesla Roadster

When the Toyota Prius, Leonardo DiCaprio was among the first individuals to own one. Now, he’s upgraded his ride to the top of the line Tesla Roadster. The car runs from zero to sixty in just 3.9 seconds and has a top speed of 125 mph. He has moved forward from just being a hybrid owner to an electric car owner.


Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano with her Nissan Leaf

This former child star owns not one but two electric cars. She drives around in a Nissan Leaf and now has just purchased a Chevrolet Volt. She said,

“After the oil spill, I had this strong feeling that if I ever were able to be blessed in having children, I never wanted my kids to see me pumping gas at a gas station. I think it’s our responsibility to make the changes that we need to make, regardless of convenience. I know it’s more inconvenient to have an electric car, but I’ll do what I have to do.”


Neil Young

Neil Young and his LincVolt

One of the most famous and influential rock icons of his era, he converted his 1959 Lincoln Continental into a multi-fuelled hybrid vehicle. He boasts that his LincVolt has more than twice the power and superior mileage compared to other hybrids. This six-figure configuration is able to run on gasoline, bio-fuels and natural gas. He is espousing the LincVolt technology for all.

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6 thoughts on “Famous Celebrities Who Own Electric Cars”

  1. I wonder how often they drive them. I know Jay Leno rarely drives the Baker, but I wonder how often he drives the Tesla.

    Most of the issues with natural gas as a fuel for Neil’s LincVolt are well-known. But one issue that rarely gets mentioned is the space required for the fuel tank. You need something the size of an old Lincoln to put that tank somewhere. Ignoring the problems with fracking, natural gas as a transportation fuel only makes serious sense for 18 wheelers, big pickups or big vans.

  2. Great to see the rich and famous setting an example for good. So many celebs are so self-centered that they wouidn’t know what to do if they ever lost their money or looks. Then there are the Paul McCartneys, George Clooneys, Leonardos, Pierce Brosnans, Mickey Rourkes and so many many more who use their fame for good. Way to go…..


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