Fuel Economy Tips That Can Save You Hundreds

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With the cost of gasoline and diesel reaching an all-time high, we are all trying our hardest to reduce our fuel expenses, both for economic and ecological reasons. Because of this, newer breeds of energy efficient cars are being introduced and have been sported by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney. Fortunately, trading your old car for a new one is not the only solution to conserving gas. If you do not have the money to invest on a hybrid car, here are some tips to help you save on your gasoline consumption.



1. Mid Grade is Okay

Instead of spending big bucks on high grade gasoline, opt for lower octane ones that are more affordable and works just fine. Before doing so, make sure to choose the specific grade of fuel that is best suited for your car and so long as it won’t compromise your vehicle, go ahead and save money on low cost gasoline.


2. No Topping Off

Topping off when fueling is a big waste of energy. Once you hear the nozzle click off, stop pumping. The additional gas you fill in will only seep out and will not be put to good use anyway.


3. Tighten That Seal

Each year, more than 140 million gallons of gas are lost to evaporation because of loose or damaged gas caps. After fueling, make sure that your gas cap is sealed shut to prevent your pricey gasoline from evaporating and leaching out. If your gas cap is damaged or loose, invest in a new one.


4. Shade is Your Friend

The summer heat can make your engine work harder which wastes energy. When parking, go for a shady spot and invest in a quality windshield shade to block the sun and to avoid overworking your car’s engine.


5. Protect From the Elements

If you have a garage, clear out all your junk and make room for your car. Parking in an enclosed area will keep your car dry and warm during winter and stay cool during the summer heat which translates to energy efficiency.


6. Proper Inflation

Always check your tires and make sure that they are sufficiently inflated to maximize your gasoline consumption because underinflated tires push the engine to work harder and use up more fuel.


7. Stay in Tune

Proper car maintenance also plays an important role in saving gas. Regular tune ups, for one, can save you hundreds of dollars in fuel consumption.


8. Let it Breathe

Your engine’s air filters should also be periodically inspected and replaced. Over time, these filters will become a haven for dirt, dust and gunk which drives your engine to work harder and consume more fuel. By replacing your air filter with a new one, you can save up to 15 cents per gallon of gas and save as much 10% in fuel use. As a rule, engine filters should be replaced every 3 months or every 3,000 miles.


9. Read the Manual

All cars come with specific instructions for motor oil and it is always best to follow the recommended grade to stretch your gas mileage.

With these tips, you can do your share to help the environment while saving a few hundred dollars in the process.

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