Dodge does a Ram EcoDiesel

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There’s nothing more powerful than a pick up truck made to withstand the toughest environments. However, in this eco conscious day and age, often these powerful pick up trucks tend to lend themselves to having a negative impact on the environment and their surroundings.

So what have certain car companies done recently to combat this and produce a car that fits in with the eco friendly times we live in these days? Well, Dodge has built a truck called the Dodge Ram 1500 Eco Diesel and it differs from most trucks previously built. We were lucky enough to test-drive one of these vehicles, which are now available to purchase in England and the UK, and we came to a few conclusions.

Here are some of most noteworthy:


Engine and Fuel Economy

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As with most Ram Trucks, the engine delivers its impressive power with fluidity and impressive force. However, it’s not just the power that’s impressive. The fuel efficiency of the truck is by far and away the most impressive aspect of the engine and its components. By our estimates, we managed to get around 27 mile per gallon whilst driving smoothly in the country and around 19-20 whilst city driving.

American trucks now no longer have to have the gas-guzzler tag and hopefully this is the start of a new trend of eco friendly American imports.


The Interior and Exterior Design

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Quite simply, both the interior and exterior are simply stunning, but you don’t need to test drive the vehicle to figure that out! The interior is slick and modern in design whilst allowing a lot of the new technology to present itself to the driver in a calm and efficient way. There’s also plenty of room left over in the cab for legroom!

The exterior is typical of the Dodge Ram vehicles in that it presents an aggressive front with beautiful slick lines matching the modern interior.


The Torque

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As previously mentioned, the engine delivers its power smoothly and impressively but one thing that wasn’t mentioned was the high amount of torque this vehicle delivers. We attached a typical load to the back of the truck and it had no problems toughing it out on a steep incline.

The drivability, whilst the load was attached, barely differed from when it was removed and the handling and steering remained light and responsive throughout.

My overall impressions of this vehicle, I loved it and I’m not even a huge truck fan. If I had to put my money down and buy a truck tomorrow, this would be the one I’d choose.

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