Bullfrog Power Chevrolet Volt

One of the biggest environmental concerns with an increase in electric car drivers is the lack of renewable energy being pumped into the grid to power them. While it would be great if every EV driver had solar panels in their backyard and could power their vehicle off the grid, the reality is that for the most part electric cars are going to be charged by traditional sources like coal, natural gas, or nuclear.

However,things are about to change for Canadians who are looking to purchase a Chevrolet Volt, because starting today Bullfrog Power and GM have partnered to offer drivers an energy offset equivalent to what the electric car is estimated to draw from the grid over the course of two years. At the time of purchase, drivers can opt to spend a little bit more ($198 CDN) and Bullfrog Power will inject renewable energy from EcoLogo certified sources (wind and hydro) to make up for the energy the car is going to be using.

The Volts that are powered by Bullfrog Power will get a badge on their car for bragging rights (the same badge shown in the header picture – a snapshot taken of the very first Bullfrog Powered Chevy Volt in Canada, owned by Toronto’s Mike Brigham).

The new renewable energy option for Volt drivers is quite an interesting proposition. And given the Volt’s $41,000 price tag before tax credits, it’s hard to imagine many drivers turning the $198 renewable energy option down.

It appears that Bullfrog and Chevy have found a way to make driving an already eco-friendly car even greener, and giving those without renewable energy sources at home a great alternative to drive without relying on any fossil fuels.

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To sign up, just visit any Chevrolet dealer in Canada.



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