Fuel efficiency’s fading importance at 2015 Detroit Auto Show

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The 2015 Detroit Auto Show appears to be leaving electric-enthusiasts in the dust, as a slew of high-power, gas-guzzling trucks have dominated the show’s first few days.

As fuel prices drop precipitiously, manufacturers seem to be putting little emphasis on overall fuel efficiency.

Thankfully though, Callum Newcombe at the Auto Future writes, there have been a few vehicles announced which should whet the appetite for EV-enthusiasts.

Monday, Chevrolet introduced the Bolt – not to be confused with their popular hybrid, the Volt – a new electric concept car with a 200 mile range that will run consumers around $30, 000.

Meanwhile Acura, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz all unveiled plans for new luxury hybrids.

Check out the full break down of the new releases over at the Auto Future.

Range Rover latest luxury hybrid being put to the test
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