Chevy Volt driving costs: $0.02 / mile

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Chevrolet Volt

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The Chevrolet Volt is undeniably greener than a traditional automobile and as an electric car, it saves money. But if you’ve ever wondered how much money, then wonder no more!

One owner has decided to crunch the numbers after using his Volt for a year. What are his findings? The Volt is costing him a mere 2 cents per mile (using a $3.60/gallon baseline and $0.06/kilowatt-hour for electricity).

Chevrolet Volt adjusted EPA sticker

This makes the Volt even more efficient than the Prius, which comes out to costing 7 cents per mile. For an idea of how this compares to a traditional vehicle, the average 30 mpg car would cost 12 cents per mile.

Such low rates makes the Chevy Volt a very appealing car to consider for those who are looking for a greener alternative or, at the very least, a more cost efficient one.

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