Tesla’s Model Y Set for a New Factory and ‘manufacturing revolution’

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The horizon – at least 2020 – will see a new vehicle on the roads: Tesla’s upcoming Model Y.

CEO Elon Musk outlined in a conference call that Tesla plans to make the Model Y at a completely different factory. The new venue will be announced by the end of 2018.

He added that the forthcoming vehicle will be ‘a manufacturing revolution’ when it begins production in 2020.

He has suggested that the architecture of the vehicle will be aimed at rapid and simple manufacturing.

When talking about making a new platform for Model Y, Musk previously said that Tesla will get rid of the 12-volt battery architecture.

That means no more lead-acid battery and a different way to power in-car electronics. Musk says that it will reduce the overall wiring significantly and simplify the production process.

And less wiring means easier automation in the production process and Musk plans a completely different – more automated – production line for the Model Y.

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