The Tesla Semi Electric Transport Truck Spotted on the Roads

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In mid-November of last year, Elon Musk unveiled two new Tesla products: the Tesla 2020 Roadster, and the Tesla Semi, a fully-electric transport truck.

For the first time, the Tesla Semi has been spotted in the wild, and can be seen in this video. You’ll notice how quiet the electric vehicle is compared to a regular transport truck.

Although not expected for full production until 2019, the Tesla Semi is already¬†widely anticipated, with many pre-orders already placed. For instance, Loblaws pre-ordered 25, Walmart says it’s pre-ordered 15, and UPS tops the list with 125 pre-orders.

The Tesla Semi promises to have a lower total cost of ownership, with a 500 mile range and greater aerodynamics, and a future of autonomous driving.

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