With the reduction of food waste at the top of the world’s agendas, Magnet, the UK’s largest kitchen retailer, have conducted a research to show how much food each country wastes and what schemes they are putting in place to reduce their food waste.

According to the Food Sustainability Index 2017, released at the end of the year, Greece leads the way in terms of minimum individual food waste with an average 44kg of food wasted per person each year.

People in the United Kingdom waste an average of 74.7kg of food each year, which is less than  South Korea (95kg) and France (106kg).

From apps in the UK and Spain to smart food cards in Greece, Magnet have unveiled some of the most creative initiatives from around the world that are helping people become more aware of the food they waste.

So, review the research conducted by the Magnet in infographic format below:



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