News about environmental technology, breakthroughs in energy efficiency and personal tech.

Pneumatic waste collection

Automated Waste Collection Sucks – But That’s Good

Imagine a futuristic world, where you simply place your recyclables and trash into vacuum tubes that suck your junk to a better place. No more having to lug the blue box to the curb in...
smart thermostat

Green Home Ideas: Smart Technology that Won’t Break the Bank

Eco-friendly technology products are an affordable way to make strides toward a greener existence.
3d printed item

How 3D Printing Can Save Our Planet

Star Trek science fiction may be closer to reality, as three-dimensional printers may turn our junk into mobile phone cases, tasty treats, and even space ships. Fans of the famous 1960’s Star Trek series are...
compute chips

Green Technologies In Computer Science

Green computer science is the study and practice of eco-friendly computing or IT. The scope of sustainable computing touches upon the production, use and disposal of computers. The rapid technological changes have resulted in...
raw sugar

Sugar May Power Your Next Gadget

Some sweet engineers at Virginia Tech have developed a high-energy battery that runs on all natural sugar, and it could be sweetly powering your smartphone in three years. Y.H. Percival Zhang, an associate professor of...
xbox controller

Got Some New Tech Over the Holidays? Great – But Don’t Forget Your E-Waste

The hottest selling items this holiday season were electronic gadgets – from smartphones and tablets, to gaming systems and televisions. Our electronic-driven world has changed our society, by making everything within a tap, swipe and...
Bali Mansion

The Bali Bamboo Mansion

What stands as the dream tree house of the century, could also be nominated for any number of architectural awards. This tree house in Bali was constructed almost entirely of bamboo. Its rounded and...
industrial design

Cradle to Cradle: Greening the Product Life Cycle

Designers have long developed product concepts that promote utility, value and aesthetic appeal, but industrial design programs are now bringing environmental impact into the picture. Industrial designers are beginning to take on the challenges of...

PSU Researchers Use Gaia Computer To Model Climate Change

A large research grant has been awarded to Oregon's Portland State University (PSU) to fund climate change research. PSU researchers will use the money—about $350,000—to build a powerful supercomputer to help them unlock some of the...
wood burning stove

The Environmental Aspects of Owning a Wood Burning Stove

Wood burning stoves have really come into their own in recent years with many homeowners having them fitted due to the costs of heating their home via other methods such as central heating in...