New Technologies For Green Business Development

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The green movement has made everyone realize just how much damage we’re doing to the environment. This wake-up call has spurred people on to find new solutions to old problems. These solutions reflect our awakened consciousness to issues like efficiency and sustainability. Individuals are doing their part and now companies are also starting to join the effort. The government has provided ample incentives to lead the way but it is the development of compelling technologies that truly made it happen. Businesses can use these technologies to enhance their capability while at the same time earning the loyalty of their green-conscious customers.

HVAC: Controlling the Office Environment for the Environment

The office needs to maintain a certain range of temperatures for the benefit of the employees and equipment. If it’s too hot or too hold, the people will become irritable and unable to work properly. The equipment will experience frequent failures and total breakdowns. Temperature control can be achieved with heating and cooling systems that are activated depending on the need. While these provide an invaluable service to the business, they are also notorious for consuming an incredible amount of energy. Companies should look into upgrading their older systems for more efficient models. The costs will be easily offset by energy savings which translates into substantial drops in utility bills.

Lights: A Little Bit of Vigilance Pays Big Dividends

Ample illumination is vital in achieving high productivity. It enables the employees to get things done more quickly with fewer errors. Eyestrain is minimized so people can work longer at peak focus. It also prevents accidents that could lead to potentially costly suits. However, lighting fixtures are often taken for granted in offices. A whole area could be lit at 100% capacity even when there are only one or two people left working. The staff should be trained to do their part in turning off excess lights wherever they may find them. The board, on the other hand, should consider the replacement of aging light bulbs with modern options such as LEDs which are widely known for their efficiency.

Data Centers: Upgrade and Outsource

IT departments usually maintain data centers of varying sizes that operate on a 24-hour basis. These are vital to company operations as they house important files and databases. Downtimes have to be avoided at all cost as they may lead to business paralysis. This means using the most reliable equipment and maintaining good conditions inside the centers. Temperatures have to be lowered sufficiently to prevent overheating. Servers should be periodically replaced by new ones for better performance and increased power efficiency. Modern servers are also designed to reduce heat generation. Another thing that companies can do is to outsource some of their data center needs to third party providers. This would allow them to focus on core tasks and free up resources for more pressing needs.

Cars: Go for Hybrids and Electrics

When providing vehicles for employees, companies may want to choose hybrid cars or fully electric versions. The pertinent technologies have evolved tremendously in just a few short years. Battery life, in particular, has been extended to a great degree. Motorists can expect each charge to last for more miles than one typically drives in a day. Charging itself is easier and faster with full capacity being reached in a reasonable period. Hybrid cars are particularly appealing as they can switch between gas and battery power as needed. A lot of traditional manufacturers are producing hybrid models so there are plenty to choose from. Fully electric cars, meanwhile, are the most environment-friendly and some models have been widely praised for their performance.

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