Eco-Friendly Printing Technologies To Watch Out For


Technology paved way for a lot of innovations. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost and most of the time, innovative manufacturing tends to be quite destructive to the environment.

The good news is, some popular personalities and brands in various industries are advocating greener living, taking the first steps towards preservation.

One of the most widely discussed factors that contribute to our severely depleted natural resources is using paper. Technology may have come a long way, the advent of storing data via flash or hard drive did nothing to lessen our dependence on paper.

As a whole, we still find the need to print things on paper.

Printers are still widely used by offices and printing companies. This means paper and ink are still consumed in high volumes. Manufacturers of printing instruments and equipments recognize this necessity and but are also aware how production of ink and paper harms the environment. Almost every big name in the printing industry is literally racing to come up with technologically advanced printing methods that will help decrease their carbon footprint without compromising the quality of their products. All these efforts resulted in better, eco-friendly tech.

Check out these eco-friendly printing technologies that just might lessen the demand for more paper:

One of the ecological printer concepts that is being developed uses a special type of ink that disappears when exposed to ultraviolet rays. People who are interested in purchasing this type of printer will use a natural eraser, the sun. This technology will make it possible to reuse the paper when used together with a special ink. Simply erase the previous print by exposing the paper to sunlight and reuse the paper. This will lessen the need for cutting down trees to produce paper.

Another concept for green printers is the pencil printer which utilizes slate pencils rather than ink cartridges. Anything written by a pencil can be erased so this eliminates the need to use new paper whenever there is a need to print something. Once the print left by this pencil printer is erased, the paper can be reused again. This will lessen the need for cutting trees for the production of paper. Additionally, the risk that ink and ink cartridges can cause damage to our environment will be minimized too.

A designer named Hoyoung Lee came up with probably the most ecological and practical printing technology concept. His printer model can print and erase the ink simultaneously. The process requires graphite extracted from pencil scraps in the same way as regular printers use toners, which the machine collects automatically. The eraser scraps are also collected by the machine and uses these to remove anything that it printed on the paper. It has two slots where paper comes out. One side is where the paper comes out of after printing. The other side is used as an exit for erasing the same printed paper. This not only preserves paper and ink, it also saves on time as the single machine performs two functions.

Experts at a Japanese company named Sanwa Newtec have come up with a very impressive printer that’s expected to create a big impact in the printing industry. They call this eco-friendly printer the ‘PrePeat’. The machine does not use ink cartridges and toners as regular printers do. This printer can erase things printed on paper allowing it to be used up to as much as a thousand times. It uses a special thermal printing head and heat sensitive printing paper that will reduce the need for expendable printing tools in the future.

The reusable plastic paper sheet is made from PET plastic and is called the Peat Paper. A major drawback for this printer model is its selling price. The company plans to sell the printer for about $5500 and the plastic paper sheet which will be sold in packs of 1000 pieces for about $3300. Large organizations will benefit the most from this concept printer as they usually perform large-scale printing.

Green printers have several benefits. For one, they help minimize the consumption of paper and ink which means fewer trees are cut down.

Numerous trees have been sacrificed in order to cater to the growing demand for paper. However, once these concept environment-friendly printers are sold in the market there will be lesser need to cut down trees for paper. Moreover, regular printers use petroleum based ink which is harmful to nature especially if improperly disposed of. Green printers on the other hand use eco-friendly inks made of vegetable based inks that are biodegradable.

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