Save power with a smart switch plug

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A new design for traditional power plugs could help save homeowners quite a bit on their energy bill, and help the environment by cutting down on unnecessary power consumption and CO2 emissions at the same time.


Cutting down on standby mode power consumption

An enormous amount of power is consumed by your devices and appliances when they aren’t even being used. TVs, video game systems, and especially cable set top boxes use a lot of power when they aren’t even on. But this new plug designed by Gonglue Jiang will make it easy to kill the power to your devices, eliminating the dreaded “vampire power consumption” that drives electricity bills through the roof.

Although flicking the switch is just as easy as simply unplugging the cord from the wall, the LEDs lit up around the power connector provide a good reminder to anyone who is trying to save on their energy consumption.

Take a look at the design below:

Switch Plug Explained

Switch Plug Design

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Infographic: What is plug load and how does it increase your energy bill?
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