Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse: Sustainable Desktop Accessories

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bamboo keyboard and mouse

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A cool new green product being manufactured in China is cutting down on the amount of plastic you use in your office and instead replacing it with a more sustainable resource: bamboo. The above pictured bamboo keyboard and mouse set is a great green addition to any standard computer work station. Keep reading to see some more pictures of the bamboo devices, and find out where to get your own.


Why a bamboo keyboard and mouse is sustainable

The reason why these bamboo keyboards and mice are more sustainable than their plastic counterparts is because it is a resource that replenishes itself incredibly quickly. As bamboo is classified as a grass, rather than a tree, it grows rapidly (some species can grow up to 2 feet per day). Also, unlike a tree, when bamboo is harvested and a stalk is cut, it grows another shoot and keeps going, with no replanting necessary.

This is all without even considering that when the bamboo keyboard and mouse have lived out their lifecycle, their exterior will decompose much faster than a plastic keyboard and mouse would.

If you think this cool green addition is something you want for your computer workspace, you can buy your own bamboo keyboard and mouse at this link.

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