PlugShare App Connects Electric Car Drivers with Charging Stations

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Today, electric car manufacturer Xatori announced a brand new smartphone app called PlugShare that will assist the electric car community in finding and sharing charging stations. This app gives everyday people the ability to sign up and offer to share their electricity with electric car drivers.


Electric car charging stations will be everywhere

You don’t even need to own an electric car yourself to sign-up and be of assistance to an out-of-towner who is in need of a quick power up. PlugShare members can offer either the new ‘electric car’ 240v J1772 plugs, that work with cars like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt, or just a standard 120 volt outlet if that is all that is available.


Other App Features

In addition to sharing your own outlets with EV drivers, the app allows you to search and get directions for public charging stations, and call or text other PlugShare members who may be in the area. Think of it as a social network for electric car drivers.


Giving away power to strangers

While this does essentially boil down to giving away power to strangers (and suggesting we do it for free), Xatori and PlugShare claim that an hour of electric car charging really only adds up to about $0.15 of electricity, which is a small price to pay to get more green cars on the road.


Get Involved!

Download the free iPhone and iPod Touch app from the App Store today to start sharing! An Android version of the app is set to be released soon.


Still not convinced?

If you’re still skeptical on how the whole thing works, be sure to watch the video below, and post any thoughts you have on this new electric car social network in the replies below.

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