Solar Powered Bus Shelters Increase Transit Riders At Night

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Solar powered bus shelters

Recent technological advancements have made implementing solar systems on bus shelters very cost-effective, and in turn creating a bright spot for bus riders to wait safely at night. Handi-Hut has been placing their unique solar powered bus shelters across the United States, and not only saving energy and carbon emissions, but also tax payers’ utility bills.


More public transportation, less cars on the road

Not only does the alternative energy source provide a clean energy to light the space, the increase in public transportation options at all hours of the day is giving drivers another option to make their trip, and making it easier to take cars off the road and save on fossil fuel emissions.


Green advertising space

In addition to shedding light for the riders, the solar-power also shines a light behind advertising space in the ad, creating another revenue source for municipalities – and given that there is no cost for powering the shelter, it is a great way to save some cash while providing transit riders with a safe and green option.

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