Greenpeace to Facebook: Go Green by Earth Day!

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Tech Companies Going Green

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the $50 billion giant, but Facebook is, technically, coal-powered. And while lots of tech companies have been switching to clean powered data centers, Facebook has been mum on the subject. For comparison, consider Google’s environment track record: they have been a huge proponent for clean energy, cutting deals with wind farms, creating ‘Smart Grid’ and ‘PowerMeter’ products, and even investing in geothermal power plants. Which raises the question, what’s keeping Facebook from taking the green powered plunge? That’s what Greenpeace wants to know, and they are taking their question to the front-lines in order to stir up some action.


Greenpeace Taking on Facebook

Last week, the Executive Director of Greenpeace, Kumi Naidoo, was being interviewed by Facebook’s Director of Marketing, Randi Zuckerburg (who just happens to be the sister of CEO Mark Zuckerburg), and he didn’t hold back from asking directly whether Facebook would be switching to clean energy, and even brought a shirt for Randi which read “Facebook: Unfriend Coal”.


What Are The Demands?

Her non-committal response, “We will love having you as a partner for that,” doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, but it hasn’t kept Greenpeace from pushing forth their proposal to Facebook. Here’s what they are asking for:

  1. Increase use of clean energy now
  2. Develop an infrastructure investment siting policy prioritizing Renewable Energy
  3. Educate your users about Facebook’s energy & carbon footprint and need for strong US energy policy
  4. Advocate for clean energy at local, national and international levels.

And they want it signed off on by Earth Day (April 22) 2011. Here’s what you can do to help: go to the ‘Unfriend Coal’ Facebook page, Like it, and in doing so you will be sending a message to Zuckerburg & Co. telling them they should hold themselves to a higher standard of corporate social responsibily. While you’re at it, spread it to your network to see if we can make a difference.

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