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We all know if we seal our homes we are likely to save energy. Now a company in the U.S. is betting many of us don’t consider the unintended consequence of that action. We know what we are keeping out, but have we ever thought about what we are keeping in?

Called the eSense Fresh Air Indicator, manufactured by, it is designed to warn you when indoor air is likely to contain high levels of dust, chemicals and micro-organisms. The company sees applications in offices, classrooms or anywhere air quality is important. An audible warning and flashing light will notify you when there is too much carbon dioxide in the air, meaning fresh air ventilation is required.

Long viewed as a worldwide standard for measuring indoor air quality, carbon dioxide is considered to be the first warning sign.
“Think of carbon dioxide as the ‘canary in the mineshaft”” says Ray Hicks, President of, in a recent press release. “As the number of people in an enclosed space increase, CO2 levels rise. When CO2 is too high, so are airborne levels of dust, mold bacteria, viruses and volatile organic compounds from carpets, perfumes and other sources” he said.

In addition, proper ventilation has been shown to not only increase productivity, but also improve an individuals ability to learn.
The eSense is designed to be plugged into a wall power outlet or it can be connected to a demand controlled ventilation system.
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