Energy Circle’s Moolah Maker: Teaching Kids To Save Energy

Green Piggy Bank

Have you been finding it difficult to teach your kids to turn the lights off when they leave the room? Or have they been leaving the computer on all night and wasting energy when you’re not around? If so, don’t be too hard on yourself – or the kids. There’s a better way to teach them the values of being energy consumption conscious, and with a great incentive that will get them hooked.

It’s a new web-app from Energy Circle called Moolah Maker which tracks a household’s energy usage, what involvement the kids had in the savings, and then deals out the numbers on just how much money was saved that month. The incentive for the kids is they get the share in the savings with the parents. In fact, they even have their own “Pay Up, Dude” button to invoice the parents.

The Troasts, the founders of Energy Circle, have already been putting this system to use with their kids while tracking their own home energy usage. By showing their kids exactly how much power they’re drawing during daily tasks, the kids have learned what activities are more energy-efficient, and which should be kept to a minimum. Once the kids have realized there’s a financial incentive to cutting back unnecessary power usage, the hydro bills are sure to drop as well. Even the Troasts – a family that was probably already fairly energy efficient – reported a 16% decrease in their power bills once they started tracking their energy consumption.

Now, Moolah Maker allows for parents to draw up custom contracts for their family based on previous bills, and decide which percentage is fair to dish out to the kids. Regardless of what the percentage split is, making a contract at Moolah Maker will definitely give the kids some incentive to cut back, and will keep the parents on track to do the same.

Register for free at and share in the energy saving fun with the whole family.