Eco-Friendly Gadgets for the Office

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How green is your office? Do you recycle all of your paper? Do you avoid printing when you can? Well, if you’re doing all of that, then you might like these eco-friendly gadgets for your workplace, so that you can be even greener!

Do you happen to play with numbers all day? Then you’d probably enjoy a calculator that runs on just water! Using a special type of battery, you just fill it up with ordinary tap water. You then get up to 3 months of battery life from just a few drops. It’s better than a solar calculator, as you don’t need bright light to use it.

Eco StaplerFor those of you who do print out paperwork, then the eco-stapler using a special cutting and folding technique to hold up to 3 pages together. That means no metal whatsoever. Admittedly, 3 pages is not a particularly large number of pages. However, I’m sure it’ll just be a matter of time before more sophisticated stapler gadgets can deal with many more pages.

If you’re a computer user (and who isn’t?), then you’d be interested to know that you can get some really low power computers these days. The Aleutia E2 is a tiny computer around the size of 4 stacked CD cases, but it runs on just 8 Watts of power! Considering that modern PCs use around 200 to 400 Watts, that’s a massive difference. It’s not designed for graphic-intensive work, but it’s perfectly suited to word processing, email and web browsing. You can even run it from a solar panel if you wish!

Portable Hard DriveEven if you have an older-style computer, there are lots of things you can do to save energy, such as using a low power hard drive, which can save up to 50% of the energy compared to conventional hard drives. There are other peripherals that are coming on to the market too, including energy saving power supply units (PSUs).

It just goes to show, eco-gadgets aren’t all just tote bags and compost bins!

This article is a guest post written by Dan Harrison who writes about all kinds of green gadgets for You can read about energy saving gadgets, gizmos that save water, basically any kind of device that’s good for the planet.

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