A new energy revolution is right around the corner – at least that’s what we keep hearing. But isn’t there something we can already do at our homes to become more energy efficient, and shave a few bucks off our hydro bills? Sure there is. In fact, simply sealing some air cracks could save the average American home $600 a year on heating costs.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much at all – better insulation, sealing some windows – and sometimes it can be a much harder task – installing a telephone thermostat controller. But whether you’re looking to start at the bottom and work your way up, or dive head first into becoming the most energy efficient home on your block, Energy Circle has all of the resources you’ll need to get started.

This year, plan to make energy efficiency part of your spring cleaning. Check out the following resources for simple ways to cut your costs and be a little greener, thanks to Energy Circle.


Step 1: Learn about Home Energy – this area covers all the basics, and any beginner’s questions you might have. If you’re interested in insulation, home energy audits, or sealing your windows, doors, or any cracks that air is getting through, this is the spot for you.

Step 2: Home Energy News – Once you’ve brushed up on the basics, and you think you want to delve a little deeper, this is a great spot to learn about new trends in home energy, and other ways you can make your home more efficient.

A great resource to complement these news blogs is Energy Circle’s YouTube Channel, with easy step-by-step instructions to make DIY seem likeĀ a breeze a cinch.

Energy Efficient Money Saving Products Step 3: Share Your Problems and Solutions – If you’ve got a problem you can’t quite solve yourself, or have overcome a challenge you think would help others, this is the spot for you. Share your real house stories with other readers who may be able to benefit from them, or post your problems and find quick answers to keep you moving.

Step 4: Pick Up Some Smart Energy Money-Saving Products – There comes a point when caulking can only do so much. So when that happens, it might be time to look at some smart products to cut your costs around the home. Energy Circle’s store has everything from rechargeable batteries for your TV remotes, to programmable thermostats, timers, and switches, and even space heaters.

Hopefully these resources will help you get your home up to the highest standards of energy efficiency. Be sure to keep up with the Energy Circle people often, because when Google’s Smart Meter finally hits the market, you can count on them to teach you how to set it up.



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