IKEA Solar SOLIG lights

IKEA, one of the first retailers to cut plastic bags out of their business, is going even greener this spring with a new line of outdoor solar lights. The lights, found under the IKEA SOLIG family, are perfect for backyards, patios, trees, or any other spot in your yard that has accessible sunlight. The lights can come in strings, posts, hanging lamps, poles, lanterns, and even globes. Like most other outdoor solar lights, the solar cells absorb the sun during the day, and when natural light fades away the LEDs kick on to light up your yard. All of the lights come at very reasonable prices, with the most expensive only being $20. Click here to see the whole line of IKEA SOLIG solar powered lights, and pick some up to light up your landscape this spring.


  1. […] Solar lights are quite familiar because many varieties are commonly used in adorning gardens or landscapes. But accent solar lights only produce a dimmer glow compared with solar spot, deck or floodlights. Spot and deck lights can be used to illuminate patios, decks or other dark areas. Spot lights are also more versatile as these can be mounted almost anywhere and adjusted in order to focus a beam of light on a certain area. These types of lights greatly aid in deterring prowlers because these bad guys love to work under the cloak of darkness. They will think twice about invading a well-lit home or property. Spot and deck lights further enhance the safety of residents as well as these shed light on stairs or steps that could cause slip and fall accidents if unnoticed. As for floodlights, these produce very bright glares that can immediately scare away possible burglars. These kinds of lights work really well with motion sensors and sirens. Once the sensors are activated, these also turn on the floodlights and the siren to frighten trespassers. […]


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