Saves iPods/iPhones From Junkyard

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Now that you’ve cracked the screen on your new iPod or iPhone, it doesn’t mean you’ve got to throw it in the trash. Even if the battery on your old iPod is dead, or its screen is burned out, it doesn’t mean the handheld is junk- can fix it, and at the same time, save a little bit of the planet. There’s dangerous components inside of the music players that shouldn’t be allowed in landfills, but a lot of people toss their iPods out with normal trash when they’re done with them. can fix all kinds of broken iPods and iPhones, and even if you aren’t looking for a fix, they’ll buy back and disassemble your old one and make sure its disposal is as earth-friendly as possible. They’re located in Toronto, but accept international shipping orders. Visit their site today for free testing on your iPod or iPhone model.

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