Husqvarna Automower: Solar Hybrid Automatic Lawnmower

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Husqvarna Solar Powered AutomowerReady for the future of lawn mowing? Husqvarna hopes so. Their newest lawnmower, the Automower, is the lawncare tool of the 21st century. The solar hybrid machine works similarly to how a Roomba would work in your house – you program its perimeters and to run as often as you’d like, then it rests in a charging location until it’s time to go for a cut. It doesn’t do an incredibly fast job, and it’s irregular cutting pattern won’t leave the nice contrast of lines that you like, but it means you won’t have to waste another Sunday afternoon sweating behind a push mower. Check out more details, and videos of the Automower, to see if it’s something to add to your toolshed next summer. 

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