Top 10 Coolest Environmental Technologies

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A new Top 10 list from Live Science showcases the best up and coming technologies that are going to benefit our environment. So without further ado..

10. Reusable Digital Paper: it looks like real paper, but can be used over and over again. This will come in handy for saving on Newspaper printing.

9. Burying CO2 Emissions: The idea is that we can stash a bunch of our CO2 emissions in abandoned wells or mines and trap them underground before they affect our atmosphere. Sounds like a band-aid over a bullet hole, though.

8. Bioremediation: Uses microbes and plants to clean up contaminations naturally. Genetically modified plants could even speed up this process.

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7. Green Roofs: Not exactly a new technology, but recent advancements make the most of water recycling and oxygen production for your home.

6. Wave and Tide Turbines: It only makes sense that we should start dropping turbines off the coasts of our nations. There is enough water and potential power rising and falling in the oceans every day to nearly power the entire world.

5. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion: The oceans absorb enough heat from the sun to equal the same amount of thermal energy contained in 250 billion barrels of oil each day. Now the US Department of Energy just needs to figure out an efficient way to make this energy usable.

4. Concentrated Solar Power: The use of mirrors that direct and magnify the sun’s rays towards high intensity solar panels in order to speed up the process of collecting solar energy.

3. Hydrogen Energy: Hydrogen Fuel Cells might be popping up in our cars soon, but we shouldn’t forget that these same energy sources could some day be powering our laptops. The bonus is that the only emissions is clean water.

2. Ocean De-Salting: By the middle of this century, there is going to be disastrous water shortages. The only way we will be able to help the billions of people in parts of the world where supplies are limited is to create a desalination process to put our oceans’ salt water through.

1. Turning Waste Into Oil: I’m not sure why this is number one, because it only encourages the consumption of oil, regardless if it was made out of turkey scraps or not.

Thermo-Depolymerization is at the top of their list, but personally I think the Hydrogen Fuel Cell should take the cake.