Green Google Android Application: Ecorio

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Ecorio Google Android AppIn case you haven’t been following technology news lately, Google has announced a cell phone software called Android that allows for customizable applications to be created by developers, and downloaded to cell phones that support the software. The newest (and greenest) app for the software is called Ecorio, and was impressive enough to win the 5 students from Ontario, Canada $275,000. The application tracks your mobile carbon footprint so you can see what affect you’re having on the earth, but also comes with an “Inspire” feature that allows for social networking to take place, and create opportunities for things like carpooling with others who are eco-minded. The app also allows for public transportation information, and a feature that directs you to buy offset credits for the carbon you have created. Watch a video of the developers and their app after the cut, and keep your eye out for this featured app at the G1 launch of the Android mobile operating system. 

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