5 Myths: Computer Energy Saving and You

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If you’re looking for ways to save energy on your computer, or think you’ve found ways to keep your office as energy efficient as possible, a recent list by Backbone Magazine may have you rethinking your strategies. The 5 Myths proposed by Backbone are as follows: 1) Screensavers save power. 2) Devices that are off don’t use power. 3) Turning off computers is bad for them. 4) A computer that’s not being used wastes less power than one that is active. 5) One computer doesn’t make a big difference. Of the statistics mentioned in their explanations are that standby mode accounts for 10% of all power usage in a household, and that one desktop computer left on all day equates to 1,500 lbs of atmospheric carbon dioxide in a year. So if you’re thinking about leaving your computer on overnight – over even over lunch break – maybe you should think again. Help conserve energy this summer and shut it down every chance you get. 

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