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Yesterday for Earth Day, ENN published a great list of things to keep in mind when you’re using, and disposing of electronics, or “e-cycling”. They stress the importance of remembering to properly dispose of things like old cell phones, computers, printers, and basically anything else with a computer chip in it. Earth 911 has a great program that allows you to call in, or find a local area to drop your old electronics off. Also on the list is the importance of using Energy Star products, and using rechargeable batteries for all of your household devices. Keep reading to see the entire list.


  1. E-cycle
  2. Provide a Second Life for Electronics
  3. Reach for the Energy Stars
  4. Use Rechargeable Batteries
  5. Power Down Inactive Electronics
  6. Lay Off the Heavy Metal
  7. Be Responsible With Packaging
  8. Spring for the Warranty

For more information on any of these topics, continue reading at ENN.

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