Different Water Treatment Solutions

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There are a variety of wastewater treatment solutions on the market. In order to have the right program in place, you will need to create a comprehensive plan that meets your individual needs and have a flawless execution of the system. The only way to optimize a wastewater treatment solution is to understand the various options as well as to determine what the end goal of the water being used is. Some are using the water for processing various applications while others are using it for drinking and for the production of food items.


Grease Traps & Interceptors

When it comes to grease traps and oil separators as a wastewater treatment solution, there are various screens and grit removal systems in place to trap all of the grease so that it does not end up clogging the plumbing system. Grease needs to be cooled down and solidified before it can enter any system and you will need the right system in place.

Further, grease traps are only one segment of the wastewater treatment solution that you should employ, unless your sole purpose is to just remove the grease. Without another system in place, the water could be used for very little because of the other particles still residing in it.


Neutralization systems

There are various neutralizations systems on the market that can be used to remove acidity from the water. Acidic water with a pH value upwards of 6 can be corrosive to the plumbing system as well as make it impossible to be potable. Well and surface water can be acidic.

In many instances, the neutralization systems use crushed calcium carbonate tanks for the water to flow through in order to neutralize the acidity. The calcium carbonate will need to be replaced on a regular basis in order to continue neutralizing the water that flows through it. This is one of the most common systems for schools, laboratories and other small-scale buildings.


UV Disinfection

Throughout various commercial facilities, many companies are now utilizing a UV disinfection system. This can be used to kill and remove bacteria and microbes from the water. In turn, as the water is purified, it can be safe for drinking and for a variety of other applications. These are considered to be more durable and effective than anything else on the market. They have been proven to kill 99.99% of the bacteria in the water, making the water safer than any other wastewater treatment solution available.


Various Types of Equipment

Regardless of industry, whether it is for the food and beverage industry, the paper industry or any manufacturing plant, water that needs to be treated and recycled needs to be dealt with appropriately. This means conducting water tests to determine what the initial problem is. Whether it has grit, sludge, bacteria, a high level of acidity, too many dissolved solids or some other issues, it needs to be discovered prior to creating a wastewater treatment solution.

Some of the equipment available on the market includes:

  • Screening
  • Conveyors
  • Microfilters
  • UV lights
  • Sand filters

There are air flotation systems, membrane bioreactors and various other wastewater treatment solutions. It is all greatly dependent on the amount of water that needs to be processed as well as what condition the water is in.

A number of treatment solutions are now functioning on new technology that will reduce carbon footprints and produce energy at the same time.

When you are choosing various wastewater treatment solutions, the first step is to test the water. The second is to determine what solutions are ideal based upon what the results of the tests show. You can make a significant amount of improvements in the water, but only if you manage the treatment process from start to finish.

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