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Unlike the old ages, we can now be primarily supported by computers when we manage businesses and routine work. However, even in this fairly advanced era, there are still a few other things that are difficult to manage even with the help of both humans and computers. Garbage management in particular, was something that is slowly becoming a little too difficult for us regular humans to manage and dispose.

And while we are already using computers for overall waste management, it seems that the better idea was to actually make each trash bin capable of calculating and sending information about thrown materials in it.


What are Smart Trash Bins and how do they Work?

RFID Chip on Trash CanA smart trash bin is a trash bin that is equipped with a few sensors and a special RFID chip. Depending on the sensors equipped on the trash bin, the trash bin could detect and measure different variables that would determine the type of waste material that was thrown in it. For the most part however, weight would be the primary information that it would collect. After the sensors had collected the needed information, the RFID chip would then process and collect all of the data gathered by the sensors to transmit it to a base station.


Possible Benefits

Many countries are already considering the use of smart trash bins for a variety of different purposes. In South Korea for example, they plan on using the smart trash bins to transmit data about waste (but still edible) food thrown in it. They would need the trash bins to know exactly the amount of food that was thrown, so that they could calculate the amount of fines that would be given as a penalty to the person that threw the food. In Cleveland, Ohio, officials plan to use RFID-installed trash bins to see if you are throwing away 10% of the materials that could actually be reused and recycled.

Thus, although the end objectives may be different, the primary benefit of smart trash bins is the monitor and possible control of waste accumulation. Instead of simply managing already thrown waste, the smart bins could instead be employed to control the amount of waste as it accumulates. Whether or not the idea of smart trash bins would work perfectly depends on the technology used, along with the implementation method that would be chosen with it.


Do We Really Need Smart Trash Cans?

The issue of actual practicality always arises when a new form of unseen technology arrives. As for the question of needing smart trash cans for everyday life, it probably depends on the general public’s way of dealing with their trash. With people mindlessly throwing waste everywhere, and with people deliberately throwing things that could still be perfectly used, implementing something that could forcibly make them prioritize recycling can probably be an overall good solution.

However, if we are able to provide ourselves enough impetus to work hard enough on managing waste material that we throw away, then perhaps there is still no important use for it yet, at least probably not until the population goes too large for us to even manage waste material accumulation ourselves.

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  1. “A smart trash bin is a trash bin that is equipped with a few sensors and a special RFID chip” . . . . that is simply not true – there are NO sensors. Only the RFID chip is installed and this does no more than serve as a bar code label, or as a car’s number plate. That chip only contains a unique identifying number that gets logged by the truck each time it lifts the bin.


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