Sunzaun Launches Vertical Solar Systems for Farms and Agriculture

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Have you heard about the latest innovation in solar technology? Sunstall, a ground-mount solar installer, has just launched Sunzaun, a company that specializes in creating vertical solar systems for farms and agricultural settings.

Sunzaun’s systems are designed for a concept called agrivoltaics, which combines agriculture and solar energy in the same land. Imagine crops growing or sheep grazing around or under solar panels – it’s a pretty cool idea, right?

This not only saves land space but also provides clean energy and even potential water savings due to the shade created by the solar panels.

But that’s not all! Sunzaun’s vertical solar systems can also be used for other purposes, like as city infrastructure along highways, next to railroads, and even as residential or public fences.

The company’s website states that its systems are designed to accommodate framed and unframed bifacial solar panels, with safe wire management. They’re also built to handle slopes up to 15 degrees and can withstand up to 0.084 psi wind load. Plus, Sunzaun is working towards UL 2703 certification, which is a safety standard for PV modules and panels.

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Want to see Sunzaun’s systems in action? Check out the Somerset Gourmet Farm, a winery in Somerset, California, that has installed a 43-panel vertical bifacial solar system with a total power output of 23 kW.

Sunzaun vertical solar farm on a vineyard
via Sunzaun

It follows the hilly terrain of the vineyard over 200 feet and provides the farm with electricity mainly in the morning and afternoon. This vertical installation not only supplies energy but also creates shade, allowing the farmer to move his harvesters next to it. This combination of wine-growing and renewable energy production makes land use even more efficient.

And according to a recent study by Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, mounting bifacial solar panels with one side facing east and the other facing west can produce renewable electricity as efficiently as inclined south systems.

So, what do you think of this latest development in solar technology? Vertical solar systems are a great way to combine agriculture and energy production while also saving land and resources.

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