Solar Service by Google Launched in UK

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A new service that uses Google Earth and Maps to predict a home’s potential money-saving by switching to solar power has been launched in the UK.

Google is teaming up with Eon, the energy supplier, to launch Project Sunroof, an online data tool that will estimate savings.

Project Sunroof uses machine learning to estimate how much solar potential a house has by examining the roof area, the pitch, and weather data.

“We are excited to help people in the UK make more informed choices about installing solar panels on their rooftops and transition to renewable energy sources,” Nicole Lombardo, head of partnerships at Google, said:

The new tool is said to be a step up from similar models, such as those launched by Tesla and Ikea,  where homeowners need to submit extra data before being quoted.

Jonathan Marshall, head of analysis at the non-profit organisation Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, said Project Sunroof’s ability to assess the roof shape removed one of the steps they needed to go through to consider solar panels.

He commented: “The speed of the process means that if you’re half-tempted by the idea, you’re more likely to go ahead with it.”

The tool was launched first in the US and then in Germany last year.

Project Sunroof will be first available in Birmingham, Brighton, Liverpool, Newcastle, Reading and parts of London.

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