#SayNoToBottledWater for Ontario’s Wellington County with a blue ribbon

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Now, there’s one more reason to #SayNoToBottledWater.

If you’re in downtown Toronto today, you’re likely to see blue ribbons on trees around Queen’s Park as a sign of solidarity with Wellington County, an Ontario region that recently attempted to secure rights to a local well to provide water to its community, but was outbid by Nestlé, a multinational business that will bottle the water for profit.

The Wellington County water issue has raised concerns over treating water as a commodity, particularly given that Nestlé is only paying $3.71 for every million litres of water they use. This issue shows that water can be taken away from a community by a business – even in times of drought – when it goes against the best interests of the population.

Many are calling for a boycott on Nestlé products, but the underlying issue is with the provincial policy that makes situations like the one in Wellington possible.

To raise awareness about this issue, TV’s the Water Brothers and SodaStream partnered for the blue ribbon initiative around Toronto’s Queen’s Park – and online – on Friday, October 14th. The #SayNoToBottledWater campaign is intended to encourage Torontonians to participate in sending a message to the Premier that the province’s water should not go to the highest bidder, and that communities deserve ready access to drinking water more than the companies that simply bottle it for profit.


The Water Brothers are Alex and Tyler Mifflin, and they star in TVO’s eco-adventure series of the same name. Their show sees them exploring the world and covering important issues related to the planet’s water supplies and water conservation. So it’s no surprise that the recent issue in Wellington has drawn their attention.

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SodaStream’s involvement make sense – its machines allow for tap water to be easily carbonated at home for either fresh sparkling water, or for flavoured carbonated drinks (like soda). For its part, SodaStream will be donating $5 from the sale of the next 1,000 machines in Ontario to the #SayNoToBottledWater cause.

Take part in the #SayNoToBottledWater efforts by posting to social media with the hashtag, sharing our posts below, or by tying a blue ribbon around a tree in your yard.

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